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Agriculture Foods & Commodities


Before mentioning about the qualities of Basmati rice, it is necessary to discuss about the meaning of this word. Basmati rice was acclaimed in India since early days of the 19th century, but at that time it was named with some other name. "BAS" in Hindi refers to "aroma" where as "mati" resemble "full of", so the basmati denotes to full of aroma. This variety of rice is differentiated with other varieties due to characteristics of aroma and elongation of the rice after cooking. No other variety of rice can match these characteristics.

Indian basmati rice finest quality:

1) World’s Longest Rice, Non Sticky Rice, 2) Average Length 8.20 mm, 3) Excellent Light Food, 4) Best for Diabetes and Obese, 5) Control Blood Glucose, 6) Control Appetite, 7) Reduces Heart Diseases

We deal and specialize in Export of all varieties of Basmati and Non- Basmati Rice across the globe.


  • RAW SUGAR 600-800, 800-1200,L-31, M-31, S-31, L-30, M-30, ICUMSA-45, ICUMSA-100and ICUMSA S-30 out of which maximum production is of 31 colour sugar. (31 is the best colour standard fixed by the Government of India)
  • Sugar grading is done for colour and grain size. Sugar produced is regularly matched with N.S.I. standards
  • Percentage retention of sugar is currently being maintained at 85%+ as against minimum requirement of 70%


Wheat is the dominant grain of world commerce. It is easily transported and stored and it is used to produce a large variety of foods that include many kinds and types of breads, cakes, noodles, crackers, breakfast foods, biscuits, cookies, and confectionary items.

Wheat is the staple food of millions of people. It is also an important part of the daily diet of many millions more. Only rice challenges wheat for the title of most important food grain in the world.

The number of wheat varieties exceeds any other seed-bearing plant. There are two general types of wheat- Winter and Spring. Reflecting the time of year the seed is planted.

Wheat Flour (Maida)

We specialize in export & supply of Wheat Flour from India & Ukraine which is rich in Gluten, unadulterated with superior taste.

Our Wheat Flour is available in consumer & bulk packaging of 25kg and 50kg.


Spices are defined as dried seed or fruit, in whole or powder form, used as food additives for enhancing the flavor or taste of a particular food item. India produces 3.2 million tonnes of various spices. We are dealing in some of the commonly used Indian cooking spices like black pepper, dry red chilly, Chili powder, cardamom etc that not only add flavor to your dishes but are also used for several other purposes such as medicine, religious rituals and preservatives.

Cereals and Pulses

Cereals and pulses are an integral part of our lives, as they are the only food products that provide instant energy. Rich in nutrients, cereals come in the form of rice or corns. To name a few we specialize in Barley, Wheat, Millets, Maize, Sorghum, Rice etc.

Edible Oils

India is the 4th largest user of edible oil. Edible oils are basic ingredients used in the making of foods and other eatables. The Indian edible oil industry in the last few decades has grown swiftly and is expected to increase manifold in the upcoming time. We as a trader/exporter of edible oils dealing in Sunflower Oil, Soya bean Oil, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Oil, Mustard Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil etc.

Dry Fruits & Nuts

The need for having a healthy and tasty snack in between our regular food time can be satisfied with the consumption of dry fruits and nuts. They fully satisfy the taste buds, and one need not worry about gaining weight!

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